About Imaco Ltd.

Imaco.Ltd was established with a goal of offering and importing Laboratory, Industrial, Medical and Research equipment from overseas.
Now,with more than fifty years experience and having good reputation with all related sections in Iran , we advise them to maximize productivity and performance of their laboratory set-up.
Today, Imaco is the Iran’s leading distributor of the laboratory equipment and has a high percentage of distributing the new products in the Iranian market.
We have a team of well educated and trained sales and service engineers to attract the customers toward the companies we represented.
We represent a number of famous companies on exclusive basis and give full service as for the sales, installation and after sales services.
It has always been Imaco’s commitment to supply customers with the best solution for their problems.
It should be noted that all of our products includes free installation and training which will be effected by an expert and trained service engineer, a one year guaranty and ten years after sales services is included.

Sales Dept.

We here by announce that we are ready to cooperate and provide technical information to all the scientific, educational, research and technology institutes with our qualified and trained personnel for scientific research purposes.
In order to be able to cover all over the country, we have divided our sales department into two different sections: Tehran & Province.
Tehran sales dept.: In view of the fact that Tehran is the capital of our country Iran, we are aware of its importance in our business since most of the main offices and factories are being located here so we pay a visit to most of our valued customers daily to make sure that we are providing them with the best possible solutions to fit their requirements. It is not easy to keep track of every single one of them if you do not carry an experience of more than half a century like us.
Province dept: Our great country Iran comprises different states which includes their own culture and style. So in order to succeed to make sales we have selected the most educated and expert sales personnel from every corner of the country to travel all around with the right key for our clients. It’s been more than half a century that Imaco’s sales department is traveling all over Iran and we proudly announce that we keep in touch with all of them via phone, email, fax and the most important of all, paying a personal visit to make sure that we are providing them with a right solution.

Service Dept.

Unlike some companies we believe of continuance of business with our clients. Keeping them happy and satisfied is our main goal at our service department. It is our pleasure to expose that we have only hire qualified personnel and engineers for our service department. They travel all over the country with their tool box and they don’t leave customer’s site till they fix their problems, if there are any. Our service team is in charge of after sales services which includes installation and training. After more than half a century of experience it is easy for us to do our job in that sensitive matter. We try our best to keep our service engineers updated about our products by sending them into the main companies out of Iran to get trained by their experts. They all hold their original certificates from all over the world to provide them to you if it’s needed. With one official request to our service department you’ll find them on your door steps as fast as an eye blink, its good to know that we do not have a jinni and lamp, we only have the right experience.
It should be also noted that all of our products includes one year guaranty and ten years after sales services.


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